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  • How Safe is Your Information?

    Many hackers and viruses can be avoided by taking precautionary measures to protect your information. Learn more »

  • Rhode Island Cyber Disruption Team

    Rhode Island was the first state to establish a statewide team for the purpose of prevening and responding to cybersecurity events, as well as defending the security of critical infrastructure. Learn more »

  • Online Safety for Families

    It is never too early to teach your kids about Internet safety. Reminding them about the dangers of the Internet is key. Follow our best practices »
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Welcome to the Rhode Island Computer Crimes Unit Web site

This Web site offers invaluable information to the public about the dangers associated with Internet use. This Web site also provides useful resources for victims of cybercrime, information about the various types of cybercrime, how to request public speaking, activities for all ages, and much more.

  • Rhode Island State Police Computer Crimes Unit

    The Rhode Island State Police (RISP) Computer Crimes Unit (CCU) is a multi-agency unit that prevents, interdicts, investigates and prosecutes individuals who use the Internet to commit crimes. The objective of the RISP CCU is to conduct and provide expert assistance to the State Police, and other requesting statewide law enforcement (to include federal) agencies, with investigations pertaining to the criminal use of computers and related technologies. More →

  • Rhode Island Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

    The Rhode Island Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (RIICAC TF) is a multi-agency group comprised of sworn federal, state and local law enforcement officials, local prosecution officials, local educators, private information technologists and mental health professionals. This task force also seeks to combat crimes against children through the Internet by the vigorous investigation and prosecution of offenders. More →

  • Rhode Island Cyber Disruption Team

    The Rhode Island Cyber Disruption Team (RICDT) is comprised of members from the Rhode Island State Police Computer Crimes Unit and individuals representing higher education, hospitals, finance, utilities and defense. The RICDT provides analysis and support prior to and during catastrophic events affecting critical cyber infrastructure in Rhode Island, and ensures continuity and restoration of cyber operations. More →